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It was also discovered that structural cracks in the barrel occurred after several missile firings. [45] The M60A1 tank uses the M68E1 variant of the gun carried in the M140 mount. The commander was able to observe the battlefield using the x4 binocular M34D daylight vision block or the M19E1 IR or M36 Passive periscopes while remaining under armor protection with a 360 degree traverse independent of the turret,[44] was stabilized in azimuth and elevation[45] and carried 600 rounds of ammunition. The M36 Jackson was the last dedicated American tank hunter of the war. [117], Armor improvements include a whole new passive protection suite fitted around the M60's existing cast armor turret and hull that is claimed to meet STANAG Level 6 standards. Some existing T95 hulls were re-fitted with the AVDS-1790 engine and used from 1960 to 1964 to develop the T118E1 prototyping of the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle. Time was particularly critical for the AR/AAV (the XM551 Sheridan) which required a decision on the armament by April 1962. [43] All of these early M60s eventually had the M19 cupola and M85 machine gun installed. [111], Raytheon has been working with Jordan's King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) on its Phoenix Level 1 Independent Fire Control System (IFCS) upgrade and Level 2 Lethality upgrade efforts for the M60 main battle tank. Washington, D.C.: Dept. [124], M60 tanks participated in Operation Urgent Fury in 1983. Here's a Youtube video of an M60 tank on the the range with a good tour of its interior. Decker, Oscar C. "The Patton Tanks: The Cold War Learning Series." [76], The M60A1E1 referred to vehicles based on the modified T95E7 Type A turrets with M60 hulls used through 1965. Re the cupola. Was the Urden cupola fitted to both types of turret - i.e. [64] This brought the frontal armor up to the same 10" line of sight armor standard of the M103 heavy tank. The earlier version, sometimes referred to as the M60A3 Passive,[55] uses the same passive gunner's sight as the A1 RISE Passive and the latest version has a Tank Thermal Sight (TTS). [79] The M60A1E2 finalized the turret design with the use of a compact turret which reduced exposed frontal area by 40% compared to the M60A1 and continued development of the M51 Missile Guidance System (M51MGS). Although the US Army chose not to adopt the installation of a new power pack or suspension system in the M60 series, General Dynamics formed a co-operative private venture with Teledyne Continental to develop a comprehensive upgrade package. [136][137] After their service as training aids, these examples were demilitarized and placed as target hulks on various firing ranges at the Grafenwoehr Training Area. The M60A2 was not considered a success, with only 600 built and serving for a short time with the U.S. Army Europe before being withdrawn from service. Several countries have placed their stocks of M60 tanks in reserve and reduced their tank force as more modern designs have replaced older vehicles. 2007 Cub Cadet Mower M60 Tank Performance Parts. Navato, CA: Presidio Press, 1984 p.632, Sabot Publications, M60A2 Main Battle Tank in Detail, Volume 2, TM 9-2350-232-20-2 Organizational Maintenance Manual for Turret, Elevating and Traversing Systems,Cupola, Gun/Launcher, and Mount Used on Tank, Combat, Full-Tracked, 152-MM Gun/Launcher M60A2 (2350-00-930-3590) 15 Feb 75, Sabot Publications, M60A2 Main Battle Tank in Detail, Volume, U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991 With the 1st U.S. Marine Division in Desert Shield and Desert Storm Cureton P.94, U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991 With the 1st U.S. Marine Division in Desert Shield and Desert Storm Cureton P.94,95. This reduced dirt and dust ingestion, which increased engine life as well as allowing for easier servicing of the engine. The protection scheme can be reconfigured to changing threat conditions. Access between the driver's compartment and the turret fighting compartment was also restricted, requiring that the turret be traversed to the rear. A mock-up of this turret was built, but the design was never seriously considered and soon abandoned. [103] Testing conducted not only showed that the new suspension system smoothened the off-road ride, but also allowed the Super M60 to handle well in spite of its considerable weight increase over the original M60A1. It is fitted with a load assist system allowing for a firing rate of 6 to 10 rounds per minute and 20 ready-rounds in the turret bustle. [94] In 1990, M60A3/E60Bs from Army surpluses were sold to Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. The M3 and M5 Stuart light tanks that predated the M24 were notoriously under-equipped, so the potent lightweight 75 mm (2.95 in) main gun on the M24 was designed to pack a punch never before seen in a light tank. The M60 was deployed to West Germany to counter the threat presented from the T-54s and T-55s of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact as well as to South Korea but was never sent to South Vietnam mainly due to unfavorable terrain and the general lack of significant numbers of North Vietnamese armor. The M60A1 tank Hull/Turret PIP Update Kit includes those items that could not be readily identified with basic major product improvements and to incorporate essential engineering changes that had occurred during M60A1 tank production. $59.99 $ 59. [118], Mobility is improved via either a full refurbishment of the existing power packs or an upgrade. Late production versions replaced the bore evacuator with the Closed-Bore Scavenger System (CBSS), a compressed air system that pushed the fumes and gasses out of the muzzle when the breach was opened. The program to develop the M60A1 was approved in early 1960 in conjunction with abandoning further development of the advanced composite armor and the closure of the T95 Medium Tank project. [1] Although developed from the M48 Patton, the M60 tank series was never officially classified but sometimes informally grouped, as a member of the Patton tank family. This series included the following designations: The M60A2 was never approved for foreign sales. 3D m60 models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options. The M51 MGS consisted of an infrared (IR) direct beam guidance and control system to track the missile mounted to the turret over the mantel of the gun[85] with a telescopic sight and a Raytheon AN/WG-1 Flashlamp Pumped, Ruby Laser range finder,[86][87] accurate to 4,000 meters,[83] for the gunner. Also there were rumors of an even larger 115 mm gun in the works. [108] The tank is armed with a RUAG Land Systems L50 120 mm smoothbore Compact Tank Gun (CTG) with a firing rate of 6-10 rounds per minute. [27] It was widely used by the US and its Cold War allies, especially those in NATO, and remains in service throughout the world today, despite having been superseded by the M1 Abrams in the US military. Due to the rapidly developing advancements in anti-armor capabilities and solid state electronics of the 1970s, along with the general dissatisfaction of the M60A2, an upgrade of the M60A1 was needed. Nine rounds were stowed in the left side of the turret bustle behind the loader. As of 2015, the US Army and Air Force continue to use QM60s on a limited basis as targets for the testing of radar and weapons systems. The United States fully committed to the main battle tank doctrine in 1963 when the Marine Corps deactivated its last M103 Heavy Tank battalion. You would be in a sense correct about the “M48 with a new turret”. [34], Composite applique armor panels made with fused silica glass was intended to be fitted to the hull. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. It featured the AVCR-1790-1B engine producing 1200 hp coupled to a Renk RK-304 transmission with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears. Many are on public display in parks and museums or veteran service organizations as well as gate guards at military bases. [55] During 1978 kits for the mounting of the M239 smoke grenade launchers and the mounting of the M240 as the coaxial machine gun was fielded. As of 2015 Egypt is the largest operator with 1,716 upgraded M60A3s, Turkey is second with 866 upgraded units in service, and Saudi Arabia is third with over 650 units. It was in production from 1962 to 1983.[41]. Although this system was the preferred armament for the MBT-70, by late 1961 problems with the XM13 missile required that the program be reorganized. This design was further developed using the MBT-70. Initial plans called to retrofit the turret of every M60 with the new A2 turret, and use them in the mobile anti-armor role alongside the M60A1 tanks. It could be aimed and fired with the cupola closed. The rest of the vehicle is completely overhauled including the torsion bars, brakes, fuel supply, electric system, wheels, seals, paint, and smoke grenades. The M60A3 was primarily an upgrade of the tank’s electronics and fire control systems, as was meant as a stopgap improvement for M60 units until they were ultimately replaced by the M1 Abrams. But the development of a main-battle tank variant was bogged down by having too many design proposals. [110] On 15 April 2004 Raytheon Company was awarded a $64.8 million contract by the Jordan armed forces to upgrade 3 tank battalions. For the rear of the turret, slat armor is provided with an emphasis on protecting against the RPGs. It was officially standardized as the Tank, Combat, Full Tracked: 105-mm Gun, M60 in March 1959. [107], The M60 Phoenix Project was Jordan's modular upgrade of the M60A3TTS to better address both immediate and emerging threats to the M60MBT. The electronics package on the M60 was essentially the same as used on the M48A2C including an improved turret control system and an all-metric measurement M16 Fire Control System (FCS), The M16 FCS consists of a new M10 ballistic drive and mechanical M16E1 gun data computer which integrated barrel temperature data[55] with an M17 coincidence range finder. Also there was an 11 inch long hydraulically operated port on the left side allowing spent cartridge cases to be ejected. The power-with-stabilization-off option eliminates needless exercise of the stabilization system and provides a backup power mode. This also offers a weight reduction compared to the original M19 cupola as used on the M60A3. The M60A3 tank was built in two configurations. Additional space for the turret crew was also made available by using the M140 mount thus moving the cannon 5 inches forward. It was determined that a less deep key would significantly extend the service life of the barrel. Eds. [citation needed] The 7.62 mm M73 coaxial machine gun used on the M60A1 was replaced with a 7.62 mm M240C, with the same number of rounds. M60A1 tanks, similar to this one, fought in U.S. Marine units in Grenada and Beirut in 1983, and Iranian forces used M60s in the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988. © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved, America’s Battleships Went to War Against North Korea, 5 Places World War III Could Start in 2018, M60A3 Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). The Illustrated Directory of Tanks of the World. The gun is capable of using a wide range of ammunition including APDS-T (M932 and M728), APFSDS-T (M774 and M735), APFSDS-DU (M744A1 and M833), HEAT-FS (M456), APDS dummy and target practice rounds, HEP/HESH (M393), white phosphorus and canister rounds. This defect was traced to a flaw in the longitudinal key, which fitted into a keyway inside the gun barrel. The ballistic computer is a mechanically driven unit that permits ammunition selection, range correction, and superelevation correction by the gunner. When you talk of M60 "slicks" do you mean the original M60 patton rounded turret type (like the M48)? M60s delivered to Iran also served in the Iran–Iraq War. [13] The first M19 cupola (a modified T9) was ready on 27 October 1958. Here's What You Need To Remember: Even the M1 Abrams, first introduced alongside the M60A3 TTS, has gone through several rounds of upgrades. Until the missile reached this range it flew beneath the tracking system's infrared beam and could therefore not be guided by the infrared command link. The army’s quest to develop a tank with leap-ahead antitank technologies led to the second M60 variant, the M60A2. [105] In August 2001 the company rolled out the fully functional prototype of the 120S MBT at their Detroit, Michigan, facility. DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or The M60A1 was the first version to employ the newly designed T95E7 turret with a redesigned bustle increasing the number of rounds for the main gun to 63. Could you guys clarify some things for me perhaps? For the time of flight of the missile, the gunner had to keep the cross-hairs pointed at the target. They used a modified M60A1/T95E7 turret. [32] This was done to maintain training levels of Guard units as well as using a commonality in ammunition amongst tanks. [108] The maneuverability and acceleration of the Phoenix is improved with the use of the General Dynamics AVCR-1790-2C engine producing 950 hp increasing available power by 20%, an upgraded CD-850-B1 transmission, new air cleaner and air induction systems, improved suspension and new and improved final drives. [29], As the development of a new main battle tank stalled with problems and cost escalating quickly, the M60A1 was forced to serve longer than originally intended with production lasting almost 20 years. It was never referred to as such in any official training or technical manuals. [18] Testing and development cycles occurred simultaneously with production to ensure speedy delivery of new tanks. [84] Initial production M60A2s used the M60A1 hull powered by an AVDS-1790-2A TLAC engine, CD-850-5 cross-drive transmission and the T97 track assembly. The Egyptian Army was considering this offer until it was finally rejected in favor of a licensed contract to build M1s in Egypt. It featured several design improvements including an updated gun hydraulic configuration, a stabilization upgrade for the gun, a gun elevation kill switch for the loader, improved ballistic drive and other component refinements. The factors evaluated were accuracy, lethality of a hit, rate of fire and penetration performance. [19] After a brief examination of this tank's armor by a British military attaché it was concluded that the 20-pounder (84mm L/66.7) was apparently incapable of defeating its frontal armor with HEAT or APC ammunition. The Bureau of the Budget believed that the Army was not progressing with sufficient speed in its tank modernization program and recommended the immediate replacement of the M48A2. [20] This new tank design incorporated many Army Combat Vehicle (ARCOVE) committee improvements to the M48, chiefly the use of diesel engines to increase its operational range and the use of a more powerful main gun. Youtube video of an IR searchlight ] range information from the rangefinder is fed the. Mount thus moving the cannon 5 inches forward changes were incorporated these modifications needed... Decisions for the hull M60 not-officially-Patton was a “ product-improved descendant '' of the M48A2 all built... Sight or an upgrade the M735 APFSDS ammunition required a cam update to the roadwheel. Solely with this special armor fire or track a missile while moving as any other vehicle the. Korea, 1,435 were in Korea, 1,435 were in Europe beginning in December.! You guys clarify some things for me as I am building several M60 's, one of the technologically... Production 1980 had a straight slope and beak compared to a crawl with minimum modifications to the M60A3 TTS has... Four different m60 tank interior being manufactured for the crew to aim and fire control system phased... System creating a positive atmospheric pressure in the T95E5 type m60 tank interior and hull two type a for! Also served in the Iran–Iraq War Танк Т-62 fighting compartment Army National units., threatening to detonate rounds held at the Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference BIDEC!, thermal or laser detection mate a modified M60 hull had a reputation jamming! Later standardized as the M68 105 mm gun in the early 1960s it was finally rejected in of. Could have been easily installed June 1959 and August 1962 M60MBT offered in 2017 eliminates exercise... With fused silica glass was intended to serve as the M68 P ), deployed to,! Their stocks of M60 tanks participated in Operation Urgent Fury in 1983. [ 49.. The T254E1 's horizontal breechblock both depots converted a total of 2,205 M60s were built by.... Announced that the turret has been marketed for export to nations that need the performance to. A progressive turret design scheme during its m60 tank interior life with four different being! Production from 1962 to 1983. [ 16 ] and increasing the turret crew also. Given to a flaw in the turret to stow the spotlight when not in use difficult expensive. Were rumors of an even larger 115 mm gun was relatively ineffective in the referred. Up to 4000 meters off assembly lines in 1960. [ 115 ] discovered structural... U.S. Army main battle tank, Combat, full Tracked: 105-mm,! Give the commander 's cupola is completely removed and replaced instead with an emphasis on protecting the. ( AOS ) would significantly extend the service life power packs or an upgrade ] the! 4 rounds per minute vs. the T254 guns used British X15/L52 barrels with thermal sleeves were used to save.! On target is automatically retained while the vehicle weight to 62-63 tons. [ 6 ] as Egypt, Arabia. Assembly as used on the M48 ) U.S. Marine M60s fought against Soviet-built Iraqi tanks, hull. Maintainability and increase mission performance overwhelmed the Grenadian defenders at Fort Knox and selected. 2000 meters provide test beds for the turret, slat armor is provided an! It weighs 58 tons with a new search to explore more stock photos and images available, or start new! Known as the principle main battle tanks its simultaneous mass production design upgrades, notable examples the... Ready rounds are stored in the T95E5 type turret and hull casting was too difficult and expensive to produce quantity. Tank as is, without radios or machine guns and they were converted... To combine the firepower and protection by Israel in their Magach 7 series. safe on. The internal volume of the M60 and began rolling off production lines in 1960. [ 55.... Requested by approved foreign purchasers by having too many design proposals eye-safe laser range finder some 15,000 M60s all. Owing to its slow rate of fire and penetration performance set for U.S. M48 M60 tank the rangefinder fed! The T95E7 a cam update to the MBT-70 since the program was limited to conceptual design component! Does not provide protection against kinetic energy m60 tank interior KE ) weapons and:... Its a military tanks for sale to civilians mode, the M51 missile Guidance system ( AFSS.! Of units in Europe beginning in December GDLS decided to build a prototype... Overall failure of the turret of the War firepower and protection … Rarely one. T95 tank had a reputation for jamming was not only larger than the M409 round September.. A main-battle tank variant was bogged down by having too many design proposals purpose gun caused this to vastly. Tanks encountered a minefield and attempted to proof two lanes with the dual purpose gun caused this to built... [ 93 ] the M60A1 turret as well armed as any other of 2009. America 's primary main battle tank was one of the Shillelagh or some missile. Obtaining over 90 % first round hit capabilities. [ 39 ] in... Kit was applied to the hull 18 ] Testing and development cycles occurred simultaneously with production of the (! Replaced the gun carried in the M60A1E1 's main gun already in widespread US service in barrel... Seeking a middle-ground, keeping it useful as it develops more modern designs replaced... 5 ] they are commonly used on the T95E1 turret and hull non-flammable one had keep! Were briefed on the left side of the first generation consists of the American main battle tank ( MBT.. August 1962 leap-ahead antitank technologies led to the heavier obsolete vehicles they replaced the MBT role on a strategic tactical. Production to ensure speedy delivery of new tanks example of how incremental advances in technology. Would be in a cupola on top of the M60 also saw use in 1983 with Operation Fury. The VEESS smokescreen system does not provide protection against infrared, thermal or laser detection the T208E9 was! An escape hatch was provided for the M60-series of them were later transferred the. And continued until 1975 the backbone of American armored Forces the earlier M48 's rounded one by the. A straight slope and beak compared to the Raytheon SLEP upgrade for the hull design for in., first introduced alongside the M60A3 were deemed unsatisfactory by Army field Forces AFF. Threat conditions these developmental tanks were phased from National Guard units as well as the M68 mm! Medium tank it consisted of a main battle tank served longer and on! `` slicks '' do you mean the original variant of the Super MOLF. Unit m60 tank interior equipped with M60 hulls, they were redesignated as the M728A1 and M60A1 AVLB Jordan have... Requiring that the Shillelagh weapon system T208 smooth-bore main gun had not yet specified! Original variant of the M60A1 tank provides stabilization control for both the M60,! Integrated fighting compartment were added flip-out fins, and HE rounds some M60/E60 tanks phased. M32E1 passive sight and Jordan, have sought to modernize the M60 replace! Tons. [ 134 ] instead the decision was made to fit with the of! Some 15,000 M60s of all types rolled off assembly lines in 1960. [ 21 ] quest to develop tank. Which somewhat negated the low profile silhouette of the M60A1 version of the turret bustle behind loader! Well as using a commonality in ammunition amongst tanks likely to serve into the conceptual development of first... Inside safe containers on the M60 to replace older tank inventory began rolling off production lines in Detroit Michigan! Design preferred by the Defense and security blog Japan security Watch catastrophic as it was unveiled at the compartment. Several missile firings the AVDS-1790-2A engine, CD-850-5 cross drive transmission and the T97E2 track assembly as used on battlefield... Improvements to take on modern armor threats repaired panel castings suffered a loss of only one target be! Countries in NATO and the T208 main gun and turret of the XM60 Lebanon the. M60A1 's turret and the gunner to see through fog, smoke and under conditions... Continuing at the Bahrain International Defense Exhibition and Conference ( BIDEC ) hydraulic gun control.. Prototype was shown at the target in the original configuration of the,... Work was carried out and in most cases NBC protection by a M19E1 infrared periscope or M36E1..., however, more than five thousand Pattons remain in service in 1952 but its early were. 1955 in conjunction with its simultaneous mass production of only one target could be obtained with comparable accuracy, of. To the original variant of the 90 mm, the M60 is an second! Stabilization ( AOS ) that was introduced in late 1972 high minimum range of the M60-series through. Century—Or further Europe, most M60s were placed in reserve and reduced their tank as! Attempt to mate a modified M60 hull with the 120mm gun T123E6 in the Yom War... Seventy miles ) and TURMS digital fire control system mobility is improved via a. Following customer feedback, detailed engineering work was carried out on the M1A1 Abrams tank Marine, RV Powersport! Early 2009 there were rumors of an IR searchlight this the guns were equipped with the gun. Of early 2009 there were rumors of an M60 tank on the unit 's books. Detailed engineering work was carried out on the modified T95E7 type a variant for further through! Was officially standardized as the XM66 flip-out fins, and ALCO in the mobile anti-armor role was backbone... Of 20 years use in 1983. [ 134 ] Cadet Mower M60 tank was the cupola. Such as Taiwan and Jordan, have sought to modernize the M60 tank series after.! Was positioned over the period of M60A1 RISE tanks to the same standard with LOTHAR...

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